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Blank's Sports Nutrition

Blank's High Carb Mixes (10 Flavors)

Blank's High Carb Mixes (10 Flavors)

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Our Blank's High-Carb Mixes are designed for your bigger training days/competition. Fill 100g of carbs in a single bottle to stay fueled and energized all workout long! Studies show 75g-125g of carbs per hour is optimal for prolonged exercise. (

 By intaking more carbohydrates DURING a workout, your body is less reliant on its energy stores which allows you to train harder AND recover better after workouts. Use Blank's High Carb Mix before and during your key workouts to get the most out of training! Use 3-4 scoops per bottle and shake vigorously! 

-1:0.8 or 2:1 Maltodextrin Fructose Ratio
-10x servings of 100g carb + light electrolytes 

Ratio 1:0.8 -> Comparable to Maurten 320, Science in Sport Beta Fuel
Ratio 2:1 -> Comparable to Precision Hydration 90, Never Second C90

Flavor Strength:
-Choose "Lite" for 50% LESS Flavoring
-Choose "Mega" for 50% MORE Flavoring

Want to make it your own? Check out the Blank's Custom Mix to design a high carb drink exactly how you want it!

Ratio (Maltodextrin:Fructose)
Flavor Strength
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