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Blank's Sports Nutrition

Voter's Club Box (June)

Voter's Club Box (June)

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Here at Blank's, we believe that we offer a product unlike anything else on the market. In order to continue our goal of making sports nutrition YOURS, we want to offer you a seat at the mixing table when it comes to flavors, adjustments, and additions to our product family.

Monthly box that will consist of trial test variants of existing product, new flavors, or new product all together that we will send out to you on a monthly basis. Each month we will have 3x Trials, each with an "A" option or a "B" option totally 1kg of product for you to use as you train. Then vote on which option wins each trial and we will use your votes to cater our products to your liking!

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June Voter's Club:

Trial 1: Hydra Mix Cherry - Two variations of our newest product!

Trial 2: Go To Mix Strawberry - Our newest flavor we are finalizing! Help us finalize which one we release

Trial 3: Go To Mix Grape - Our classic grape vs a new version of grape!


Be sure to cast your votes!

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